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Elevate the efficiency and safety of your patio heating with the Schwank JP-2100-MP wall mounting bracket. Expertly designed to give you the flexibility and precision in positioning your patio heater, this bracket ensures optimal coverage and warmth for your desired area.

Key Features:

Optimal Placement: Securely mount your patio heater on a wall for targeted heating.
Angled Precision: The bracket mounts the heater at a 30-degree angle, ensuring broader coverage and uniform heat dispersion.
Safety Assured: With an 11 1/2″ distance from the wall, the bracket maintains safe combustible clearance, minimizing fire risks.
Compact Footprint: Requires a mere 11″ x 7″ minimum mounting surface, ensuring minimal intrusion while maintaining strong support.
Durability and Strength: Crafted to hold the weight and balance of the heater, this bracket guarantees stability and longevity.

Schwank – Wall Mount Bra...

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