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Discover the ease and convenience with the Schwank JP-1236-RK remote control receiver, meticulously crafted for integration with the Schwank 2100 or 2300 series single stage patio heaters. This advanced receiver is designed to seamlessly capture signals from a dedicated remote control handset, bringing the power to regulate your patio heater’s functionality right into the palm of your hand.

With the capacity to control your heater from a distance, you no longer need to manually toggle it on or off, providing an enhanced user experience and increased efficiency. The JP-1236-RK kit is a must-have accessory for each of your Schwank heaters, be it high intensity or tube type.

Included in the package are the receiver, all necessary wiring, and a comprehensive set of instructions, ensuring a straightforward installation process. Moreover, with a 24Vac power supply, this receiver guarantees consistent performance. Elevate your Schwank patio heater experience with this indispensable remote control receiver kit, merging functionality with the luxury of remote access.

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