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This heater’s technology sets it apart from its competitors. The Platinum Smart-Heat Electric series utilizes a precise and efficient Tungsten filament heating element that effectively emits a comfortable radiant heat. Not only does this method provide a direct and instantaneous source of warmth, but it is also incredibly energy-efficient, ensuring your environment stays comfortable without breaking the bank.

The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric 4500W model is the most powerful in its series, providing an unrivaled level of heat output that covers a broad area. It’s perfect for larger patios or outdoor entertainment spaces where you need to combat the chill in the air. Despite its impressive power, it remains discreet with its slim design and very low light emission.

Its innovative design allows it to blend seamlessly into your outdoor decor, without creating an obtrusive presence. The premium Schott tinted ceramic-glass not only ensures excellent heat transfer but also reduces light emission, creating a more ambient mood. This heater does not only warm you and your guests but also enhances the overall atmosphere of your outdoor space.

The Platinum Smart-Heat Electric 4500W model has multiple mounting options, whether you want to affix it to the ceiling, mount it on the wall, or even consider a flush-mounting option for a truly integrated look. These options, combined with its low-clearance requirements, make it an incredibly versatile heating solution for any space.

Notably, the Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric series also incorporates an intelligent control system. This system allows you to easily control and adjust your heater’s output, ensuring that your outdoor living space is always at the optimal temperature for your comfort.

The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 4500W Electric Heater is a high-performing, sleek, and versatile heating solution. It delivers a superior heating experience that effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Its state-of-the-art design, efficient operation, and intuitive control system make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a premium outdoor heating solution.

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