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C/CD Series

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Elevate the comfort and style of your outdoor living spaces with the Infratech Drop Mount Heater Assembly for C/CD Series Heaters. This innovative drop pole heater mount is a game-changer for areas with high, vaulted, or uneven ceilings, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Drop Pole Mount stands out for its versatility. It’s specifically designed to accommodate spaces where standard mounting options fall short due to ceiling height or structure. Whether your space has soaring vaulted ceilings or unique architectural features, this mount ensures your heater is not only effectively positioned but also adds to the ambiance of your outdoor setting.

One of the key features of this mount is its adjustable length. Ranging from 29 inches to an impressive 72 inches, it offers the flexibility to tailor the heater’s height and direction, ensuring optimum warmth and coverage. This adjustability is particularly beneficial in spaces where heaters are installed above 12 feet, helping to distribute heat more evenly and create a cozy environment.

Compatibility is another advantage of the Infratech Drop Pole Mount. It’s specifically designed to work seamlessly with heaters from the Infratech C-Series and CD-Series, making it a reliable choice for those already using or planning to use these models.

Installation is thoughtfully designed with aesthetics in mind. The heater conduit is neatly concealed within the pole shaft, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive look that won’t disrupt the visual flow of your space.

To complement your outdoor décor, the mount is available in three color options: White, Black, and Bronze. This range of choices allows you to match the mount to your heater and surrounding area, ensuring a cohesive and stylish finish.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the warmth of your patio, deck, or any outdoor area with high or uneven ceilings, the Infratech Drop Mount Heater Assembly offers a practical, elegant solution that promises both performance and style.

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